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Want to become a member of WBC?

Membership in Waxahachie Bible Church is based upon affirmation of personal faith in Jesus Christ as well as affirmation of the Waxahachie Bible Church Constitution.

 Download WBC Constitution

We believe that all those who have placed their faith in Jesus are members of the universal church, the body of Christ. (Ephesians 4: 4-6).

However, the New Testament also emphasizes the importance of believers gathering together in local churches. (Hebrews 10: 25).

The applicant for membership shall be interviewed by an elder in regard to personal salvation and all members received by an elder shall be presented to the church and placed on the church roll.

We encourage these steps towards becoming a member of WBC: 

  Tell your story of salvation to one of our elders.
  Receive a letter of membership from us.